Space Quest V – Battle Cruiser Cheat

The best part of any Sierra game is the embedded mini game. On that much, we can all agree. With that said...

Space Quest V has a battleship game. I hate battleship. Let's cheat.

Look at the two white areas twice to show all ships

The Battle Cruiser screen has a white area on each side. Once you've placed your ships, click Look exactly twice on each of these two spots to enable a cheat that reveals all of Quirk's ships. You can do this on any of your turns. You'll know you're clicking in the right place if no message appears. Once the cheat is activated, all squares in all sectors will be silently probed. The grid doesn't immediately update so you'll have to change sectors to see the results. Presumably this study aid was to help with testing.

When I was a youngling I got stuck on SQ5 for months. It was frustrating. Then my family visited Minnesota, and while there, we made a pilgrimage to the icon of the American capitalist experiment: Mall of America. It was a ton of fun. We did all the rides, I got soaked, and then I wandered into a Software Etc. This was a tiny store with neon lights and cramped aisles. The shelves were packed with large expensive books and some were about computer games. One was a big fat guide to all the Space Quests. Everything was shrink-wrapped, of course. But adventure games teach lessons! So I grubbed through all the shelves just in case. Unexpectedly, I unearthed one unsheathed copy. This was my chance! My answer was on one of those exposed pages but there were a lot and I was terrified. Surely what I was considering was some form of shoplifting (ha!) — but the stakes were too high and I'd come too far to turn away. I tried to play it cool (HA!) while scoping out a discreet corner to commit thought crime. This must have made great security footage. I started flipping through pages, panicked, then went illiterate and prayed for pictures. But I pulled off the caper!

What a heist. What a score! It turns out... I never clicked on the right spot to go the next room. "Go over there" was the puzzle that stumped me. Sometimes these games kinda sucked? Still, it was a good day, and a weird nexus where you could go to an amusement park and walk away with a desperately needed Sierra hint. Now that's a mini game.

In summation, The Great State of Minnesota: Five Stars!